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As Angels Smile

There’s no way that I could forget that smile of hers, it was so white and perfect. As if whatever god’s were out there went through to make sure that no one could ever forget such a magnificent sight. And that night, that night her smile was brighter than ever when we sat in the front seat of my car, Florida Georgia Line playing on low over the radio as I watched her head repeatedly bob up and down. She had said yes, she wanted to take our relationship to another level, sure, we had been dating for about two years before this but everything was about to take another leap.

Sure, we were in high school and that ring that was now around her finger was supposed to be saved until we were older, but I loved her. Melanie is…was the most important woman that I could ever encounter on the world. God how I wish I could take back what I had done, I wish I could just go back in time and tear my past self apart before the accident even happened.

I was driving her home, my hand softly over top of hers and I gently ran my thumb over the back of her small hand. We sang along to the CD that we had put in and our young, passionate love was the only thing in the world that we had cared about. But I should have been paying more attention, instead there I sat, behind the wheel of the small Intrepid, stealing glances at the brunette and smiling whenever she caught me.

And now, instead here I am, hovering ten fight above the ground while she stands there, her eyes gushing as my family gathers around. They lower my body and slowly even this small grasp on the living world slowly began to disappear.

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Dungeons & Dragons Sunday

Such a great view.


Ultimate Spider-Man & Spider-Woman on Flickr.

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #25
Art by Dave Marquez
Words by Brian Michael Bendis